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NO - FAULT Auto Insurance

If you were involved in an automobile accident, your treatment may be covered under the No-Fault provisions in the Insurance law. In the state of Florida, each driver should submit claims to their own automobile insurance carrier for payment of injury related claims, regardless of fault.

* Please Note: The insured should report the accident to his/her insurance carrier within 30 days. Potential claimants must apply for No-Fault benefits before any claims will be considered for payment.

If you were involved in an automobile accident during the course of employment, you should immediately file a Workers' Compensation claim with your employer. For more information regarding Workers' Compensation, click on the button at left.

If you believe you are covered under No-Fault insurance, and you have verified this coverage, as well as verified that the claim has not yet been submitted to the insurance carrier, we will assist you by filing the claim on your behalf.

Please contact our office to provide us with the information we will need to proceed on this claim.

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